From the ex-Everton player, who went on to create a global sports business... 
How To Win In Life Using A Sports Mindset!
'SPORTSPRENEURS' is a book by former professional goalkeeper, Ray Newland, that gives you the fast track on how to use the same professional sports mindset to help you create successful businesses and become financially free.
You will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to achieve your dreams and goals in life and business when you read the secrets contained in this book.
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In the nearly two decades I have been building my Sports Businesses, I have lost thousands of pounds in revenue, lost years of my time, have been conned, lied to and nearly lost everything – on more than one occasion.
This was basically out of my ignorance and not having anyone to turn to for help and advice. And as 95% of sports business owners are in this situation, the chances are you have had (or are having) the same issues as me!
So, what would you say if someone with my proven experience was prepared to hold you by the hand, give you the short cut to success and more or less guarantee your success? If this interests you, make sure you get my free book!
This Is What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book...
  •  How I achieved my dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper, only to end up broke aged 28
  • How I bounced back and after just 5 years of losing my career I was financially free
  • Even if you play sport as a hobby, how you can transfer these skills into your life and achieve anything you want.
  • How to become better than the average by using this one very simple technique
  • How to copy my goal hitting system and become a goal achiever rather than a goal setter
  • How to stop your lack of nerves, confidence and belief holding you back
  • How you to can achieve anything you want by using your sports mind set.
This book has also helped many people succeed who are not even involved in sport!
In the book you are going to discover how I went from achieving my dream becoming a professional goalkeeper (soccer) to being broke and in debt, aged just 28 years old, to financial freedom in just 5 short years!

This is your opportunity to unlock the knowledge that has helped me and many others go from the corporate rat race and or a dead end job, to having a profitable business that we have passion for. You can get all this information here FOR FREE by filling out the form on this page. I just ask you to cover a small production and shipping fee.

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